Football Betting at Bovada

More than $1 billion worth of bets are placed every year on professional football in the United States alone and it’s no secret people love to bet on football. Whether you’re a football fan, college football, or pro football betting, there’s almost always interest in it.

If you want to bet on football online at Bovada, you’re going to need to learn football odds and football point spreads so let’s get started!

What Are Football Odds?

Football odds are the numerical representations used to compare football betting odds among two football teams. These football odds can be displayed in a variety of different ways, such as 1/2 or +180.

The football team most likely to win is placed with the negative chance value (-150), meaning you’d have to bet $150 on that football team to win $100 back (risking $150). The football team listed with the positive chance value (+120) would payout at $120 for every $100 wagered (also risking $100). This is an example of how football point spreads work when football betting online.

Which Football Leagues are Available at Bovada?

Bovada is an online football betting site that accepts wagers on football leagues from throughout the world. Whether you like NFL football, NCAA football, or European football, Bovada has it all.

The most popular football league in America is the National Football League (NFL). The NFL season starts in September and ends in January. Every game is played on Sunday during this time period which means football fans will have to plan around their favorite teams’ schedules if they want to watch a game live at home that week.

Football betting can also be done on college football games between competing members of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and the NCAA Division II Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). FCS football is lower-level college American football that starts in September and concludes before the end of December. The football betting on FBS football starts with the opening weekend of the college football season in early September all the way through late December or sometime early January.

Other Betting Options for Football Fans

Bovada also offers football betting options in professional football leagues from around the world. Whether European football, Australian football, or Canadian football is your style of choice Bovada has it all available for online football odds comparison and football point spreads analysis.

What Are Football Point Spreads?

Football spread betting was created to create a more competitive wagering environment among all football fans. The basic idea behind football point spreads is that two football teams can compete against each other on an equal playing field by handicapping one team with an advantage in points.

For example, if Team A were playing Team B they could place a +3 point spread on Team A because they gave the benefit to Team A through their superior ability (or whatever factors).

The football betting then occurs if you think Team A will win but not cover the spread (-110 football odds) or if you think Team A will lose outright while still covering the football point spread (+110 football odds).

What Are Football Prop Bets?

Prop football bets are individual football wagers that occur outside of football point spreads and football money line odds. These football props can be utilized in any style of football betting game you want to play including football against the spread, football over/underlines, or straight football wagers.

If prop football betting is your thing then Bovada’s live betting platform will definitely be worth checking out because they offer a lot of pre-games and live prop bets on all kinds of things related to the actual games themselves:

  • Coin Toss – Will there be a coin toss? Which team will win? What will it say heads or tails on the coin? The options are endless!
  • 1st Quarter Betting – These football prop bets are related to the first quarter football score only so be careful what you bet on!
  • National Anthem – These football odds are related to National Anthem performances and more.

Live Betting with Bovada

If football point spreads aren’t what you’re looking for and you want to try football betting online using live football odds then Bovada will be the football sportsbook for you!

Live football betting with Bovada is conducted directly through their online platform. When you log into your account from the homepage, simply click “live betting” in the football betting tab and you’ll be directed to their live football odds page where you can choose the game that you want to bet on.

Clicking on a football point spread of your choice will automatically show you all of the pre-game football bets, football special props, and football in-play football bets available for that particular game.